Promoting Non-Profits

Gateway to Dreams promotes area non-profits at our DreamTank meeting  each month to raise awareness and financial support:

·         Annie's Hope - The Bereavement Center for Children

·         Beloved Streets - Reviving streets named after Martin Luther King

·         Beyond Housing-Community development program

·         Connections to Success-life plans for welfare and paroled individuals

·         Christian Business Women’s Leadership (hosts meetings)

·         Civitas Association-To activate citizenship

·         Dignity Period-Helping women in third world countries with supplies for monthly periods

·         Gateway to Hope-Provides financial assistance to women with cancer

·         Girls in the Know-Leadership for teen girls

·         Heaven Born-Support for women/families that have suffered miscarriages

·         Hope Creates-using art to raise money for drug treatment

·         Friends of Kids with Cancer

·         Little Bit Foundation-Helping with school and clothing supplies for kids

·         Mid-America Horse Rescue-Rescuing race horses from slaughter houses

·         Operation Sunscreen Care (for veterans)

·         Playing for the Cause-Helping bands raise money for local nonprofits

·         RX Outreach-low cost drug program

·         Shoes for Hope-Providing wells for third world countries

·         Sickle Cell Association-Educational

·         Snuggles Animal Rescue-helps save cats and dogs that have medical issues

·         Team Bully Response Squad-helping children being bullied

·         The Children’s Illustrated Art Museum-Uses books and art to inspire children

·         The Kaufman Fund for Veterans and Children

·         The Veterans Resource Center-Helping veterans build and run businesses.

·         Sweet Celebrations-birthday parties for homeless children

Want to be considered for a DreamTank?  Send us a note to tell us about your organization and what your dream for your organization.