"Dreams uncover possibilities...possibilities create ideas...ideas offer hope... hope inspires action."

           ~ Karen S. Hoffman, Founder of Gateway to Dreams

Partnering to Champion the Personal,  Career and Business Dreams of our Community!

Do you have a life, career, or business dream, but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

Gateway to Dreams will help you say YES to your dreams and provide pathways that help you turn dreams into reality. Learn more…

Are you an accomplished dreamer who’s been blessed with the time, expertise or treasure that could help someone else reach for their dreams?

Paying it forward can have a positive effect on both you and the life of someone else! Let Gateway to Dreams show you how you can be a positive force for change in our community. Learn more…

OUR dream is to inspire people to love, encourage, and support each other…and to change lives, one dream at a time.

Gateway to Dreams is a collaborative, nonprofit community created to bring positivity, possibilities and DREAMS back to the St. Louis Metro Area. We are committed to helping people flourish in all areas of their lives. Whether it’s personal, career, or business, we provide the comprehensive resources of expert coaching, mentoring, targeted programs, and strategic connections necessary for dreamers to pursue AND achieve their dreams.

We believe…

  • there is power in community
  • there is hope in coming together to support one another
  • the possibilities are endless when we stop focusing on obstacles to success and seemingly insurmountable problems and develop a solutions mindset – paying it forward and generously sharing who we know and what we know with each other to make dreams come true
Receive tips, inspiration and ideas for launching your dreams. Stay up to date on current events, workshops and more!


Community- Gateway to Dreams

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We are located in Chesterfield, Missouri inside the Chesterfield Mall, right next door to Dillard's on the first floor and across from LensCrafters. Chesterfield is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. 

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