Due to the Covid-19 Virus, events will be held online in lieu of the Business Lodge. Please check the Calendar for updates on events. Thank you.

 Be The Change St Louis-June 2021

A Publication focused on Positive Possibilities and stories of our amazing community...

Our Vision:  By Inspiring Dreams into Action We are the Model to Positively Change the World.  

We will be offering Joy of Goals again this spring.  OM.  8:15 to noon.


Our Mission:  At Gateway to Dreams, our mission is to inspire action and give voice and clarity to the dreams of individuals creating a ripple effect that positively impacts the social and economic well being of our community.

We believe…

  • There is power in community.
  • There is hope in coming together to support one another.
    The possibilities are endless when we stop focusing on obstacles to success and develop a solutions mindset – paying it forward and generously sharing who we know and what we know with each other to make dreams come true

These are our main Gateway to Dreams programs-all are being offered on ZOOM.

First Wednesdays from 9 to 11am:  Your Collaborative Board (YCB), a mastermind for women entrepreneurs. We celebrate, learn something to help us professionally/personally, and share opportunities/challenges for group input/genius.  Facilitated by Karen Hoffman and Shevah Pinkus.

Second Thursdays from 10 until noon:  Write Your Book Right Now, a two-part program to add structure for those that want to write a book, or any other type of writing (public relations, posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).  The first part hosts a published author to speak, then the second part is structured to write.  Co-chaired by Jenny Grace Morris and Shelly Pordea.

Second Saturdays from 10 to 11:30 am:  Joy of Goals in Action, a three part call where we one-celebrate, two-a coach will then speak, sharing their wisdom/journey, and then three-we move into action getting things actually done, with Shevah Pinkus.  Co-chaired by Karen Hoffman & Shevah Pinkus.

Fourth Wednesday from 9 to 10:45 am (8:45 to 9 am is networking):  Connecting & Promoting Women (CPW) is our signature program.  Each month we network, offer an educational speaker, hear a personal story, and build relationships.  Co-chaired by Missy Coleman & Heidi Maxwell.

Are you an accomplished dreamer who has been blessed?

Are you an accomplished dreamer who could help someone else reach for their dreams and goals through the gift of your time, expertise or financial resources?  Has anyone helped you along the way by:

- opening doors?

- giving you an encouragement when you needed it?

- sharing a business tip that resulted in success?

If you answered "Yes" ...

s it time for you to Pay that Kindness Forward?

You can be part of a positive, pay-it-forward movement here in St. Louis that helps someone with a dream and turn their aspirations to goals, actions and success!   

Imagine what would happen if, as a community, we focused on what is good, what is right here in St. Louis, and worked to make things even better…Imagine what would be possible if St. Louis became a place filled with possibility and positivity that helped people in the community reach their life goals and dreams…Imagine how many lives could be changed if we each made “paying it forward” our personal mission and gave of our time, talent and treasure to help someone else’s dreams come true… Paying DREAMS forward.  With that in mind Gateway to Dreams launched Gateway to Kindness in February, 2017.  Encouraging random acts of kindness to change the world.  Learn about Gateway to Kindness Here. 

Please consider joining as a
member or volunteer today!  Want to support us but don't have time?  Consider becoming a monthly Pay it Forward giving club donor, make a one-time donation  or consider a sponsorship to support our programming and resources for others.   Sign up for our newsletter and receive tips, inspiration and ideas for launching your dreams.  Get alerts on current events, workshops and more. 

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