Karen Hoffman

Karen S. Hoffman

Executive Director Dream Activist

Karen needs no introduction.  Mention her name, and somebody’s half cousin twice removed knows of her and her work.  She loves to sit back and watch the magic of connecting dreamers to each other.  That’s her forte.  And that’s how Gateway to Dreams came to be.

Top achievements:  Business matchmaker of the Year from eWomen Network; Small Business Administration (SBA) Award-Home based Business Champion, launching Be the Change St. Louis magazine, and; co-author of The Art of Barter and co-author of Contacts, Connections and Collaborations.

Personal Mission Statement:  To inspire hope and ignite positive possibilities.

Hometown:  St. Louis (though her father came to the U.S. from Dutch Guinea, South America. He was half Arawak Indian, and her mom came from the south as well:  Southwestern Missouri!)

What did you want to be when you grew up?  An artist or interior designer

The place you dream the best:  I love dreaming where I can hear water on the beach or river.

What is your #1 personal or professional dream?  To help St. Louis become known as the city that loves to help people reach their dreams.