Gateway to Dreams’ Mission is to inspire action and give voice and clarity to the dreams of individuals, creating a ripple effect, that positively impact the social and economic well-being of our community.


Love More. Judge Less.

Having open hearts, with no judgement, to create a safe space to share dreams and goals.

Intentional Inclusion

Encouraging and welcoming diversity in all forms.

Positive Possibilities

Being open to possibilities, because positivity is contagious and leads to more ways to manifest dreams.

Heart Smart Connections and Collaborations

Nurturing strategic , heart-based introductions that lead to opportunities and collaborations.

Empowering Language

Using words that focus on gratitude, strengths, and what is good helps create powerful and positive environments. 

Pay it Forward Networking

Looking for ways to help and serve others we meet, as others have done for us. 

Energetic Empathy

Listening deeply, with care and empathy, to build strong relationships.