About Us

Karen Hoffman, Founder of Gateway To Dreams shares she was inspired to launch the organization through a series of magical events. From a connection in a coffee shop (artist Laura Lloyd), to a meltdown on a highway (270 in St. Louis), to a book ("The Dream Giver" by Bruce Wilkinson), it is a non-profit that started germinating in 2004 and was ignited by Suzi Tozer in 2013 when in May, Suzi asked Karen to consider creating the Gateway to Dreams community in Chesterfield Mall (or as founder Karen Hoffman shares - God moments).

Once just an idea, a desire ... Gateway to Dreams is now a non-profit created to help people say YES to their professional and personal dreams.  We provide plans, resources, introductions and accountability.  We have coaches and experts who partner with you to turn your dreams into reality.  We also promote area nonprofits to help them reach their goals.   

Starting with small "brainstorm groups" Gateway to Dreams had a group called "The Launch Ambassadors" to help launch this dream center.  The 'Launch Ambassadors' worked for months to make this dream a reality. We recognize It is the dedication of these individuals who selflessly donated their time and efforts to create the Gateway to Dreams community.  Thank you Launch Ambassadors! 

Left to right: Bill Prenatt, Naomi Francis, Tracy Floeh, Melissa Range, Jackie Sclair, Deborah Bostic, Karen Garcia, Shannon St. Pierre, Amy Baue, Diane Keefe, Ardell Taykowski, Becky Noelker, Suzi Tozer, Meg Berry, Rebecca Now, Barrie Lynn Krich, Cynthia Correll, Sue Martin, Mary Kay Sheets, Karen Hoffman.  Not pictured: Nancy Nix Rice, Ellen Alvey, Scott Sheperd, Pookie Lee

This is truly the Paying It Forward Butterfly Effect!