COACH: Cynthia Correll
Cynthia Correll’s Creative Emporium (C3Emporium)

As a Visual Branding Strategist, Cynthia assists business owners through carefully constructed messaging. Her strong creative skills, combined with her unique work, are inspirational.

Top three achievements: Exceeding my clients’ expectations; creating Limelight! Legacy, an interactive entertainment and keepsake game, and; creating Spiritual Treats, an affirmative prayer learning game.
Personal mission statement: To inspire others to open their hearts and minds.
Hometown: New Milford, CT and San Diego, CA, and London, UK
What did you want to be when you grew up? A flower child
The place you dream the best: Walking down a quiet tree-covered path on a warm sunny day
What is your #1 personal or professional dream? To create unique products and services that inspire others to learn and laugh.
Favorite vacation spot: New York City or Paris
My most impressive hidden talent: Sudoko