Board Member - Tracy Floeh

Tracy serves as the Secretary for Gateway to Dreams and brings her enthusiasm, positive spirit and wisdom to everything we do.  In addition to Gateway to Dreams, Tracy also serves on the Mid America Horse Rescue board.  She says, " I'm honored to serve on two Boards whose desires are to change our community and ultimately the world by making ours a kinder more loving place for animals and humans. 

Mid America Horse Rescue rehabilitates racetrack horses as well as regional starvation cases and has a program called Equine Angels that pairs underprivileged youth with horses to develop leadership and improved communication skills thru a combination of classroom and hands-on experience handling horses.  She has punched some traditional tickets, served as a court reporter in San Francisco for 7 years, then returned to school to graduate with honors and received a scholarship to SLU where she leveraged the sister  relationship with WU, transferring to Wash U to complete her undergraduate degree in Political Science.  Using WU as her springboard, she was accepted into the London School of Economics accelerated 1-year Master’s program, completing her M.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management and did human resources consulting and recruiting for 6 years.   She went from wanting to change the world one country at a time to changing the world one company at a time.  Now, her passion is changing the world one human, one dog, one horse camp at a timeJ   Working with majestic beings who have the largest known capacity for heart-felt interactions with humans, horses brought her out of a low ebb of her life giving her hope again, and now she is paying it forward by helping launch this Equine Angel program to bring new life to St. Louis that ripples out into our world. 

Tracy’s abilities as a liaison of others has been recognized previously at Encouraging, Supporting and Promoting Women where she held the position of Connector Director.  Tracy believes that what the world needs is more people enthusiastically pursuing dreams that make a difference in the world and is currently serving on Gateway to Dreams’ Board of Directors.  Tracy is known to recognize the best in others, perhaps even before they can see it in themselves.  If Gateway to Dreams were a country, she would be its ambassador!

"Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work." -- William Arthur Ward